Skelter Labs is a tech startup studio focusing on AI

Innovation is impossible without great talent. We admire smart, transparent, and passionate people, who thrive to see a better world become real. We spot top tier entrepreneurs, engineers, designers and product managers, and create opportunities to unlock innovative ideas.

Our AI technology focus is on personalization

We tackle real challenging problems pushing bleeding edge technology limits to bring disruptive innovation in every aspect of life.


Personalized portable device with emotional connections. Luffy is an emotional personal companion with artificial intelligence. Users exchange casual conversations and physical interactions with his or her own Luffy.



Hermes is a scalable conversational AI framework with machine learning and NLP technologies. Hermes provides framework for developers to build and deploy high quality chatbots with as little effort as possible. Hermes also supports intent classification, entity detection, and context modeling.



Intelligent and flexible air travel search and booking service for young travelers. Through big data analysis and semantic search, Kyte displays the best flight deals on all dates. Kyte also recommends destinations based on the desired seasons and activities.

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Open architecture POS as a platform. Gabe helps merchants to effectively manage stores and customers by providing cloud-based technology that easily connects a variety of 3rd party services. Gabe’s analytic tool precisely separates and interconnects all product menus, orders, and payments.



Automatic personal log that effortlessly captures daily activities. Thumbday’s smart-trace detects users’ footprints through various signals and organizes them in a meaningful way. Thumbday provides personal recommendations based on daily logs and helps users find things to do from places, movies, music, events and more.

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Our team is fueled by passion and excitement of our dreams.

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